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How To Make A Hanging Plant Bar

An easy way to brighten and liven up any home is to add some greenery. This hanging plant bar is the perfect display for happy green plants or a small arrangement of flowers. Showcase them over a low bookshelf or for high impact placement try right behind your couch. I originally made this project for A Well-Crafted Home but had to remove it along with some others that wouldn't fit into the space requirements. These are hard choices to make! I love this project so much and it really adds a nice unexpected pop into a room. The bar hangs from the ceiling using S-hooks and some knotted rope. You can hang plants from the bar using hooks, rope, or clips depending on the weight. This project is pretty easy-breezy so don't be intimidated by the size.


Tools & Materials:

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  1. Spray paint the pipe with an even coat of the primer. Let dry for two hours.
  2. Spray paint the primed pipe with a couple even coats of pink spray paint, letting the paint dry between coats.
  3. Slide rope through pipe and center it so there is an even amount of rope on each side of the pipe. Determine the height that you would like your bar to hang from the ceiling and add a foot to each side to accommodate the amount that we will use for tying the knots. Snip off the excess rope.
  4. Tie the end of each side of the rope into an overhand loop knot. The finished loop should be approximately 2” long.
  5. Attach the eye hooks to your ceiling, spaced as far apart as your pipe is long.
  6. Thread the s-hooks through the rope loops to attach, one on each side. To hang the bar, attach the top of the s-hooks into the eye hooks on the ceiling.
  7. Hang some of your favorite plants on the bar!


If you want to take this project even further - and I think you totally should - make some of these holders to fancy up your new plant bar: